Check out our most recent passion - the Thirst Project – a non-profit organization whose goal is to bring drinkable water to impoverished nations in Africa. This past year, Mark made a donation to cover the costs of building a water well in Swaziland, Africa. When he was asked about how it felt to be literally saving lives and transforming a community, Mark humbly answered “just doing the Lord’s work.”

Mark Waldron, the President of Tranquility Development Group, considers himself to be blessed to have been successful throughout these many years, as well as continuing to have more work come his way. As a man of God, he feels compelled to share his blessings with whomever is in need of them.

In the early 2000s, Mark teamed up with former-Kickerillo employee Pete Mills to construct two custom homes up to their shell stages in the parking lot of the astrodome for the GHBA convention. After the show, Mark personally disassembled the homes and reconstructed them but in Fulshear, TX. The homes were sold, and the $189,000 proceeds were donated to the Children’s Miracle Network.

In 2006, Mark teamed up with Patrick Hlavaty, the former VP of El Campo State Bank, and a 32-year veteran volunteer firefighter. Together, they built a 5,000 square foot facility for Patrick and his fellow volunteers to help children & troubled youth at the Wharton Country Fairgrounds.

In 2011, the country saw the fourth-largest tornado ever recorded in our history over Joplin, Missouri. Immediately, Mark gathered his team and left Houston for Joplin, arriving the following day. Together they assisted in the immediate recovery efforts, and Mark used his knowledge and skills as a homebuilder to build make-shift temporary housing for those who were displaced. Mark and his team stayed in Joplin until FEMA came in and brought in mobile home trailers. Until that happened, Mark personally ensured that those who were displaced and homeless did not go hungry. He would give out food on the food lines, and felt very blessed to be able to do so, seeing just how many lives were helped.

In late 2000’s Mark partnered with the Second Baptist Church here in Houston as well as BP Oil to help revitalize several homes within the inner-city of Houston.

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